We are always keen to meet new and existing talented artists currently based, or who have a base, in Northern Ireland that they can utilise for jobs here. 

As we supply a wide range of entertainment to clients across Northern Ireland and beyond, we seek highly talented artists in our books who we can call on to help us meet the (sometimes) unusual and (always) interesting requests we receive. We have a great talent pool but are always looking to add to it throughout the year. Interested in meeting us? Sign up to our talent pool.

We Love variety, reach out!

We want to hear from you, whether you’re an actor, singer, musician, dancer, circus performer, clown, aerial artist, presenter, puppeteer, storyteller, comedian or beyond! If you have a skill or talent we haven’t encountered yet then please tell us about it, we want to learn more. We are interested in you as an individual artist, what you want to achieve and how we can be a part of that journey. 

The work we do varies from job to job and we want to meet artists who are interested in the opportunity to be part of bespoke entertainment packages supplied to our clients. One job may have an actor working as an animation performer in a Bridgerton themed Ball; immersing guests in the experience and filling them in on the latest scandal as they arrive. The next, a group of singers belting out the best of The Beatles on stage at a swingin’ 60th Celebration with our Groovy Baby show.

Or, maybe you’ll find yourself covered in sequins, who knows…

Each new event offers new possibilities, and the opportunity for you as an artist to work and network with a variety of artists while engaging in engaging and exciting performance work. We believe Northern Ireland can be better connected and we want to be a part of that. Connecting performers with one another is important because we want to help bring about a larger community of artists who are excited by each other’s work and talent. 

Working with Peter Corry Productions

We always seek to give you as much notice as possible for any work and you set the boundaries and availability. We are not an agency and you are not obliged to take work that we may offer you but we do ask you to communicate with us to let us know your availability and to be in good contact when we do put in an availability request. 

We ensure our artists are kept up to date and informed. Being kept in the dark isn’t good for anyone and we offer an honest and upfront working relationship that you can trust. We realise it takes time to get to know us so if you want to check in with any of our other artists to see what we are like, we can put you in touch. 

We understand artists may already have commitments and other performances lined up; therefore, most events vary in terms of commitment; some exclusively being weekend, evening and seasonal work. Others, like ‘The Showman is Coming’, offer potential recurring work for performers.

While most of our work has been Northern Ireland based, previous jobs have allowed us to take artists to perform across Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands.

If you are excited by what we have to offer,
then we are just as excited to hear from you.

How the process works

Through our talent page we gather our database of performers and to be considered for jobs we need to have all your information quickly to hand. We realise a lot of this may be on your CV but we need it in a format we can search quickly so thanks for writing some of that out again. The media links are also important, please send us a mixture of photo’s and recorded content so we can have the best representations of you possible. 

If you are currently working with us, don’t forget to send us your new media! 

Student or In Training?

Working in the arts and entertainment is all about relationships so we want to start one with you. 

Whether you are just about to head off to train or are in the middle of it all, let us know about you and then when you graduate we want to hear all about what you’ve learned on your journey and meet you!

We periodically hold audition/showcase days where you bring the best of yourself to show us what you can do. That can be in one discipline or a mixture, whatever you are confident to show us. 

Under 18’s

We currently only employ those performers who are 18+ but if you are 17 and it’s your birthday soon, please get in touch and let us know about you. We’d love to meet you when the time is right. 


We do accept self tapes but we don’t prefer them. 

There’s no substitute for meeting you in real life so that you have the time to get to know us and vice versa so we will always prioritise those we’ve met  in person meetings and showcasing over self tapes. 

If you’ve got any questions then please get in touch: