Summer 2021 News

As the sun has started to make an appearance and things have started opening up, we thought we’d bring you a positive update of the latest work we have been involved in and also some events coming up in our calendar. 

We are thrilled to be busy, back out on-site visits and quoting for our corporate clients so please get in touch if we can help here.

Peter has an upcoming concert in August at Theatre At The Mill, Newtownabbey and a number of professional artists from Northern Ireland will be featured and performing in the concert with him.

What’s fantastic about this is that they were all part of one or more youth productions of Les Misérables, Oklahoma! or The Producers that Peter directed & Fleur choreographed, stretching back over the last 10 years.

These artists and Peter Corry Productions have kept strong relationships over the years with many of them being employed in our productions and events. So, with the chain of events Theatre At The Mill set in motion in their summer youth musical courses, we are excited to be able to continue to champion them and their achievements in this way. 

Belfast School of Performing Arts

Mentoring has always been a core part of what we do, working with young performers on their journey to their next profession, whether that be a performer or not. Peter’s work as Artistic Director of the Belfast School Of Performing Arts (BSPA) has continued throughout all the changes the last year has brought and together with school Director Tina McVeigh, they have managed to sustain all 8 branches of their schools class delivery online, no mean feat. These have transitioned now into outdoor and outdoor classes with a welcome return for the students and teachers alike.

BSPA were asked to create a video presentation for the Music Theatre International Online Festival, the resulting videos Directed by Peter were a hit and as a result, the school has just been granted the Irish premiere rights for Matilda Junior. This is a great achievement for BSPA, Peter and the team’s work being recognised in this way.

Here’s one of the videos submitted that helped to secure the production.

Peter was asked to perform online earlier in the year for the Mayor’s Charity, you can still view the concert with the option to donate online here.

Coming Soon…

Off the back of our successful Window Wonderland project, we have been asked to create entertainment for a council event taking place in August. We can’t reveal what it is just at the moment but once we have something we can share we’ll let you know.

Big Night In!

Want to know more?

With virtual events being the order of the day at the start of the year, we joined forces with Callow Events to create an online game show format called ‘Big Night In’.

Companies can still buy this in and in addition to this product we have been providing virtual festival programming. While we welcome things opening up because we love live performance and engagement, we appreciate that there is still a place for online as well and we continue to develop our digital offerings.

Already on the board of Theatre & Dance NI, Fleur has also now joined the board of Thrive as a voluntary member. Thrive are Northern Irelands leading audience development organisation. If you’re not sure what this is, it means listening to the views of you, as audience members and helping Organisations make audience-led change. It’s really interesting so follow the link to check it out. By serving on these two boards Fleur continues to be an advocate for the industry and keep Dance visibility as her core driver. 

As ever, Peter Corry Productions continue to advocate in our roles to offer help within the sector where possible, with a friendly ear or advice if asked. This door is always open, so if you are a new starter or an old hand in this industry we are always happy to hear from you. We continue to push conversations with those at a higher level to help inform their decision making for our sector, particularly as there are still many unanswered questions as to what happens next. That said, we are positive that we’ve seen a change in things opening up for industries ahead of us and we continue to build on that together.

Fleur was asked to provide some workshops for Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster and created 2 sessions on Production & Choreography. As these had to be over Zoom they were aimed at giving a good grounding of the roles, hints and tips and empowering those who were interested to get into these fields.

Musical Director Ashley Fulton provided an Introduction to Singing workshop and we also provided a Scriptwriting workshop for them.  

All sessions continue to be available, please get in contact if interested as they can be fine tuned to suit your audience. These 2 hour length online sessions would be suitable at the following levels:

– An Introduction to Producing for live performance and the role of the Producer

– An intermediate level look at the role & responsibilities of the Producer

– Choreography – or how to move bodies around in a space and make them look good 

– An introduction to singing (suitable for youth and community groups)

– Scriptwriting

Let’s all go out to help out

As events continue to open up and we still have a way to go until full reopening with full capacity, the industry still needs everyone’s support. With many artists still not able to work and some who won’t have worked for well over a year when they finally return we urge you to get behind artists through booking tickets and attending events. We will be, and we look forward to seeing you there. 

Peter Corry Productions Team